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Taula Challenger Outdoor

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La taula Challenger és el model més assequible de Cornilleau. Amb una superfície de 4 mm i un revestiment antienlluernador Soft Mat, aquesta taula ofereix una increïble relació qualitat-preu.
És completament resistent a la intempèrie, a més de ser lleugera per facilitar el moviment. També compta amb l'aprovació de la FFTT (Associació francesa de tennis de taula) per a ús recreatiu.
La taula està dissenyada com un model resistent a la intempèrie i es pot deixar fora durant tot l'any.

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  • Made in France
  • Fet a França
  • Taules i Billar

  • 10 anos garantia mesa de ping pong
  • Garantia
  • 10 anys

  • 20 anos garantia mesa de ping pong
  • Reparable 20 anys
  • Taules i Billar

  • Aprovació FFTT
  • Taula d’oci

Features and ergonomics

Table de Ping pong filet retractable

  • Fixed and tension adjustable net

  • Once you’ve opened out your table, you’ll just have to adjust the tension of your net. It’s quick and easy to check your table tennis net is perfectly taught. Sharp and precise, it will won't go slack over time.

Rangements balle et raquette

  • Ball and racket storage

  • The 100X boasts some handy storage features. You can store your rackets and balls on the sides of the table. Start a game whenever you like - no need to go off in search of balls.

Pied reglable

  • Simple feet adjustment

  • To adjust the height of your 100X table, simply turn the foot’s lower part. This simple technique that anyone can master guarantees your table will be perfectly flat.

Playing experience


  • Good rebound quality

  • With its 4mm-thick resin laminate playing surface, the 100X table offers you rebound quality that is perfect for everyday use. A great table for enjoying a game of table tennis with friends or family.


  • Anti-glare coating

  • To play at the top of your game, you need to make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded by glare. The SOFTMAT finish applied to the 100X table reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays threefold compared with an uncoated table

  • A thick frame to keep the panel straight

  • The frame is the metallic structure that supports the playing surface. Higher frames ensure your panel stays flat for longer. The 100X frame, like those of all Cornilleau's outdoor tables, is made of aluzinc, a corrosion-resistant alloy containing steel, aluminum and zinc, known for its extreme sturdiness. With a height of 40mm, the frame of the 100X table is thick enough to guarantee a firm hold.

Safety and durability

Ultradurable material

  • Ultra-durable materials

  • The solid core laminate table top is designed to withstand even the harshest of tests. Heavy rain, snow, extreme heat - it stays the same whatever the weather. It even stands its ground if treated roughly - racket blows and other impacts won’t leave their mark. All the metals used in the 100X table have been given anti-corrosion coating and selected for their resistance. It’s no accident that the 100X, like all our outdoor tables, has a 10-year guarantee.


  • A secure locking system

  • The 100X table tennis table has 8 locking points, in line with current standards. This system guarantees the panels remain perfectly horizontal in the playing position and perfectly vertical in the storage position. To activate it, simply press the buttons on the sides of the table.


  • A compact table - less bulk, more safety

  • The COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system designed by Cornilleau reduces the risk of the table losing its balance. It also prevents children from sneaking between the panels in the storage position, and makes your table easier to open and close. Once folded, it has the dual advantage of being less bulky than a standard table, and easier to handle.


Oversize double wheels

  • Oversize double wheels

  • Move your table wherever you fancy and take your game into unexplored territory. The oversize double wheels on Cornilleau tables offer a host of advantages. They overcome obstacles easily, travel smoothly over any type of terrain and are exceptionally agile, easy to maneuver and stable in certain tricky situations, such as turning round a tight corner to reach the ideal spot for setting up your table.


Colours of tops Grey 115304
Playing surface Resin laminate 4 mm
Frame height 40 mm / Aluzinc
Locking system DSI (8 points)
Compact Technology Yes
Leg type / dimensions Straight - 25 mm
Adjustable leg pad 1D / diam.50 mm
Net type Fixed
Adjustable net Tension
Wheel type Special outdoor Double wheels Oversize
Wheels (thickness x diameter) 32 x 200 mm
Brakes No
Ball Storage Yes / 4 balls
Racket storage Yes / 2 rackets
Corner protection pads No
Additional features


Category (European Standards) EN 14468 - D CLASS
Approval FFTT leisure
Table weight 47 kg
Packaged weight 56 kg
Garantee 10 years + 20 years repairable