Equipment and Ergonomics

Point counters

Who’ll be first to notch up eleven points and win the game? Now everyone will know the score - with no room for cheaters! If you prefer not to use them - when you’re playing rotating table tennis, for example -, simply flip them away under the table.

4 Rackets storage

Storage space on the side of your Ping Pong table for 4 table tennis rackets.

6 Balls storage

Storage space on the side of your Ping Pong table for 6 balls.

Automatic net adjustable in height and tension

When you fold out your table, the net posts go into position automatically. Select the right height for your game using the dial at the base of the net. Then adjust the tension simply by pulling the string and blocking it with the clasp. Your net is perfectly adjusted, and you’re all set to play.

Storage pocket

A storage compartment has been integrated to the side of the table to allow you to remove your pockets things (phone, key, wallets) and play freely. 

Bottle holder

Wouldn’t it be great to have a refreshing drink to hand when you’re playing table tennis? As with all our storage features, our designers drew their inspiration from your comments and created these bottle holders, which you simply fold away when you don't need them. No more glasses left around the table waiting to be knocked over in the midst of a great shot!

Ball dispensers

A conveniently located ball dispenser.