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850-W ITTF Table

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  • Made in France
  • Made in France
  • since 1946

  • logo garantie 10 ans tables tennis de table indoor
  • Gurantee
  • 3 years

  • Repairable 20 years
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  • ITFF approved
  • & FFTT



table Cornilleau 850 wood agree ITTF

  • ITTF and FFTT approved table

  • Only tables approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) or the FFTT (Fédération Française de Tennis de Table) for all events and competitions organised by the ITTF or FFTT.

plateau de table de ping pong de competition grise

  • Competition quality bounce and very good effect reproduction

  • The ITTF 850 Competition table with its 25 mm top offers an extremely reliable and consistent bounce, approved for international competitions. With its SKILTOP finish, a water-based anti-reflection extra-matt paint (environmentally friendly), you benefit from an optimal adherence of the playing surface which ensures a perfect reproduction of the effects.

encadrement en bois incline

  • A wide wooden frame for excellent stability

  • The wide solid wood 70 mm high frame of the competition 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor table tennis table ensures that the playing surface is stable and flat. And that for years thanks to the solid wood which composes it, bringing robustness and channeling of vibrations. Its slanted shape allows more comfort for the player, especially in short games, by offering more legroom.


  • Optimised for wheelchair play

  • The 850-W table meets the latest ITTF recommendations for para table tennis and has ITTF-W approval. The bevelled frame on the player's side softens contact with the table and provides greater comfort for wheelchair players. Its height of 55 mm prevents contact with players' legs and the discomfort this could cause.

filet escamotable table de tennis de table 850 wood ITTF

  • Automatic net adjustable in height and tension

  • Be precise with the 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor table. When you unfold your table, the net posts automatically extend. Choose the right height to play by using the roller at the base of the net. Then adjust the tension by simply pulling on the thread and securing it with the adjusting wheel. With your net adjusted, you're ready to play.

  • Simple adjustment of the legs with extra wide adjustment pad

  • The 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor table is equipped with a system that simplifies the adjustment of the legs. Simply turn the large 140 mm diameter pad to level your table. Simple and effective.

Cup Holder

  • A unique locking system

  • The 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor ping table has 16 locking points. When in play or storage position, it stays perfectly in place. This patented system provides an unparalleled level of safety, far exceeding regulatory requirements. Foldable and unfoldable with its easily accessible handle, the 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor table benefits from an additional safety feature by locking at 65° if the handle is no longer held when the table is unfolded.

  • 4 brakes

  • Even on a sloping floor, your table will stay in place when you play but also when it is folded and stored. The four brakes on the 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor ensure that it stays in place when engaged.

table de tennis de table cornilleau 850 wood repliée

  • The compact table: less space, more safety

  • The COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system designed by Cornilleau reduces the risk of tipping over, prevents children from intruding between the tops in the storage position and makes it easier to open and close your table. Once folded, it has the double advantage of being space-saving and avoiding handling problems.

Roue de table de ping pong Cornilleau 850 wood

  • Wheels "special indoor"

  • The ball bearing wheels of the 850 WOOD ITTF Indoor table allow it to be moved very easily on different indoor surfaces. Their material and design avoid any risk of deterioration of soft floors such as those in sports halls.


Color of tops / Reference Blue : 118605 / Grey : 118606
Playing surface Chipboard 25mm
Frame height / Material 55 mm / Wood
Locking System DSI (16 points)
Compact Technology Yes
Leg (type / size) Wood / 105mm x 60mm
Adjustable leg pad   diam. 140mm
Net type permanent and retractable
Adjustable ent Tension and height
Wheel type Special indoor wheel with ball bearings wheels
Wheel (thickness x diameter) 125mm x 35mm 
Brakes 4
Class (European Standards) EN 14468 - CLASS A
Approval ITTF high competition
Table weight 121kg (267lbs)
Poids table emballée 139kg (306lbs)
Guarantee 3 years
Open table size 274 x 152 x 76 cm (out of net) (L x W x H)
Folded table size 67 x 159 x 164 cm