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Elastic propulsion, the innovation that makes the difference

The propulsion system of the Springcare trampoline is unique and patented. The traditional springs are replaced by a dense mesh of elastics composed of a multitude of microfilaments. This innovation offers many advantages, not only in terms of safety but also in terms of comfort, with a rebound that puts less strain on the joints. To ensure its durability, each part has been rigorously tested in the Cornilleau laboratories so that the Springcare trampoline retains its qualities even after thousands of uses.

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  • Certifié par le Critt
  • Certified by the CRITT
  • and tested in our laboratories

  • Warranty
  • up to 5 years old

  • Assemble your trampoline in 1h30,
  • for two people

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  • Our consultants are at your service,
  • before or after your purchase


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  • Elastic propulsion, the innovation that makes the difference

  • On the Springcare trampoline, the propulsion is ensured by a very dense mesh of elastics, themselves composed of a multitude of elastic microfilaments. The rebound, as dynamic as that of a spring trampoline, has the advantage of putting less strain on the joints, welcoming the feet with a unique flexibility. And, unlike metal springs, it is clearly not unpleasant to fall back on the elastics.

  • A double layer cushion for even better cushioning

  • Le maillage d’élastiques assurant la propulsion est recouvert d’un coussin double épaisseur. Cette mousse est micro aérée, avec de petites alvéoles. Le fait qu’elles soient particulièrement fines permet d’absorber mieux les chocs. Cela a également un impact positif sur la longévité de la mousse, le fait que les alvéoles soient fines et nombreuses permettant de mieux répartir la force qu’elles absorbent.

  • A flexible and taut protective net

  • Specifically designed to protect while cushioning, the Springcare Trampoline's net is firm enough to hold effectively while being soft enough to be comfortable to touch. This is made possible by a specially developed mesh that is dense yet soft. The net provides gentle protection for a long time.

  • Curved posts so you never have to touch them

  • The Springcare Trampoline's poles have been curved symmetrically to the net for more than just aesthetic reasons. This ensures that there is no contact with the poles while on the jumping surface of the trampoline. Even when jumping sideways, there is no risk of colliding with a pole. For those who play around the trampoline and not inside, we have covered these poles with a thick protective foam.


  • Meticulous testing of all parts

  • Corrosion, resistance, extreme heat, traction, repetition... all the parts have undergone ageing tests that allow us to confirm that the Springcare trampoline resists well beyond the average. It retains its original appearance and properties over time: safety and bounce quality remain unchanged.

  • Elastic propulsion, safer and more resistant

  • Beyond its qualities in terms of rebound and safety, the elastic propulsion as it was designed for Springcare trampolines also has an important advantage: its durability. Relying on a very dense mesh of elastics, themselves composed of a multitude of microfilaments, allows for a better distribution of the force generated by the jumps. Thus, each filament is only slightly stressed and remains effective after thousands of uses.

  • A jumping mat with a durable bounce

  • The jumping mat is the part of the trampoline that is most stressed during use. It was important to study it to ensure that it would maintain its properties over time. To ensure that the quality is consistent, the jumping mat on Springcare trampolines has undergone dozens of tests to ensure that it retains its qualities even after thousands of uses.

  • A net that stays in place

  • We wanted to ensure that the high level of safety of Springcare trampolines would remain constant for as long as possible. The net is a fundamental part of this. That's why we wanted its strength, durability and ability to retain its appearance and properties to be validated by our rigorous laboratory tests.


  • A smoother rebound

  • We have worked on a propulsion system that absorbs and transmits the force in a homogeneous way. This is how the Springcare trampoline bounces dynamically, but without putting a strain on the joints. To obtain this bounce, we have studied the combination of the propulsion system and the jumping mat in a global way.

  • Attention to detail

  • To make using a Springcare trampoline as pleasant as possible, we have paid special attention to every detail. From the double-layer foam covering the elastics to the texture of the protective net, all components have been designed to be comfortable and enjoyable to use.

  • Easy to assemble

  • While comfort is paramount, the dreaded assembly experience should not be overlooked. On the Springcare trampoline, we have limited the number of screws to eight and made sure that no assembly step is complicated. With two people, in an hour and a half, you will assemble your trampoline without difficulty.



  • Removable ladder

  • Easy access to the trampoline is important. Choosing to restrict access to the youngest children for safety reasons is essential. You are free to put up or take down the ladder as you see fit, for the comfort and safety of everyone.



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