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Every detail of this new Origin table has been carefully examined, creating a unique look that combines table tennis with elegance and style without compromising playing quality. Captivate yourself with a table that brings together the worlds of fine furniture and table tennis with its superior materials, iconic design and excellent level of finish.

Cornilleau’s advice: You can equip the Origin table with a standard net. The competition posts and net kit will fit your table perfectly. .

  • Made in France
  • Made in France
  • Tables and Billiards

  • Guarantee
  • 10 years

  • Repairable 20 years
  • Tables and billiards

  • FFTT approval 
  • Leisure table


  • A sleek design

  • Iconic for its unique and stylish look, the Origin table is designed to enhance any space. Simple and elegant, it works perfectly as a decorative piece for both those who love beautiful plays and those who just love beauty.

  • Ultra-durable materials

  • Just like the joy of playing table tennis, an elegant appearance should last. This new table has a sturdy design based on materials that are proven to be durable. The solid-core laminate table tops, the steel structure coated in epoxy paint, and even the stainless screws make the outdoor Origin table long lasting.

  • Tropical wood feet

  • A quintessentially noble wood, Moabi is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. its matte finish and uniform grain give the outdoor Origin table a unique look, reinforced by an anti-UV treatment to maintain the finish over time.


  • Racket and ball storage

  • Do you want to start up a spontaneous game? There’s no need to search for rackets and balls! With the convenient storage (that is made for this exact purpose), they’re always within arm’s reach. It is discreet, can be reached without bending down, and can hold two rackets and six balls.

  • Non-slip swivel feet

  • Not all outdoor spaces are on perfectly even ground, but your ping pong table needs to have a level playing surface. With its height-adjustable swivel pads, the feet of the outdoor Origin table allows it to adapt to all kinds of terrain. Set up your table wherever without compromising the quality of your game. Being non-slip, they help to stabilize the table.

  • Convertible to garden table

  • Converting your ping pong table into an elegant garden table is child's play. It only takes a few moments to remove and store your net. The format is identical to that of a classic ping pong table and provides ample space for 8 guests. The Origin table is also available in a more compact medium size (1.2 m x 2.2 m), which seats 6 people in a dining table configuration.

  • Rackets and balls included

  • Two Nexeo X70 rackets (click to product?) are provided with your outdoor Origin table tennis table so that you can immediately enjoy a game! These resilient rackets provide a good playing speed and offer a great experience for both beginners and seasoned players. The rackets come with 6 outdoor balls that, being more lightweight than standard balls, are less susceptible to outdoor conditions and stay closer to their trajectory.


  • Very good rebound quality

  • With its 6mm-thick resin laminate playing surface, the Origin table tennis table offers you a great playing experience. The thicker the panel, the better the bounce. The rebound quality of this table will be appreciated by players of all levels - from beginners to those who expect the very best.

  • Anti-glare coating

  • To play at the top of your game, you need to make sure you can play in the sun without being blinded by glare. The MATTOP finish absorbs the intensity of the sun’s rays and reduces their glare tenfold compared with an uncoated table. The only thing that will leave you blinded is the superior quality of your forehand and backhand shots!

  • Steel frame

  • The frame is the metallic structure that supports the playing surface. Intentionally refined for obvious aesthetic reasons, the outdoor Origin table tennis table provides a perfectly flat and stable playing surface.


Playing surface Resin laminate 6 mm
Coating MATTOP
Plastic parts color Black 
Frame height 38 mm / Aluzinc® Black Painted
Leg (type / dimensions) Spindle Moabi / 732-50- 45 mm varnished
Adjustable leg pad (type / dimensions) 3D ajustable / 73x73 mm
Net typpe Grey painted metal / Removable and storable
Ball storage / number of balls Yes / 6 balls supplied
Racket storage / number of rackets Yes / 2 rackets provided
Finishes Frame and structure: 1 color / Black plastic corners
Class (European standard) EN 14468 - CLASS C
Approval FFTT leisure practice
Weight table only 72 kg
Packed table weight 89 kg in 2 packages
Warranty 10 years + repairable 20 years
Open table size 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm (excluding net) (L x W x H)
Other equipment

2 magnetic net support bases

2nd drawer for optional storage (available soon)