la pratique du ping pong à l'école

Playing ping-pong at school

Playing ping-pong has a timeless appeal. Youngsters and older students find it totally fulfilling. The toing and froing of the balls are combined with the dynamism of the body, at the service of an enriching sports activity. Did you know that ping-pong is a sport that is played a great deal in school? A fun, all-round sport, it naturally charms students. A few minutes is all it takes to grab their attention and encourage concentration. Children expend their energy and have fun, whilst learning motivity and precision. Discover all the benefits of playing ping-pong at school! Go for it and make it part of your programme, the results can only be positive!

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Ping-pong: an educational sport which is practised widely in schools

Ping-pong is a great favourite among the teaching profession, notably due to its numerous benefits in relation to concentration. It also hones the reflex actions and increases fitness. The player is compelled to concentrate by disregarding any external distractions. Playing ping-pong at school encourages the player to focus his or her attention on the game in a bid to achieve their goal. The more controlled the movements, the more likely the students are to be able to command and lead the game. The exchanges are faster and the players anticipate the actions by coming up with new strategies. Ping-pong develops some very interesting analytical qualities. Players observe one another, seek to understand how their rival is operating and try to make a decision to catch them out. Children learn to trust in their ability, whilst being active and dynamic.

For the most creative among them, ping-pong has the advantage that it can be played in a variety of forms. Opt for teams of several players to develop team spirit and mutual assistance. Are your students after a faster game? Suggest a game of rotating ping-pong to them, they won’t be disappointed!

Ping-pong: sport accessible to all

Ping-pong is a popular sport, which is frequently played as a form of relaxation with friends. However, it can also be seen as a genuine sport that gives the whole cardiovascular system a workout. Ping-pong is open to all, regardless of age or competitive level. Prefer to play indoors? Don’t panic! Cornilleau’s indoor tables can be perfectly adapted to your interior space. Do you like making the most of the fresh air? Fantastic! Cornilleau’s outdoor tables are solid and designed to withstand all weathers. For competition or leisure, singles or doubles, small or large, ping-pong and its associated equipment are suitable for anyone, anywhere. Accidents linked to ping-pong are very rare, making it a safe and reliable sport. So, game on?

You’ve got it. Ping-pong is a sports exercise that it would be a shame to do without. Its rules, the way it operates and its accessibility make it a very practical physical training device. Children learn to observe, consider and take action according to the opportunities which present themselves. They integrate external elements, incorporate them and adopt the best possible solution. The whole body is in action and not one muscle is left out. Playing ping-pong at college or secondary school can be tailored around every level. Go for this international sport and get your students to relish exerting themselves.

la pratique du ping pong à l'école

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